A Second A Day 2017

I will be starting off the new year on this blog with a compilation footage of one second every day in 2017. Considering 2017 has treated me well, creating a short film about myself in the year is the best way to adore and cherish my time as a college student. Whilst I was editing this, I grasped how fortunate I was to be in all the moments. I will watch these clips again to relive those moments when I feel unsatisfied or demotivated to move on. The past year has taught me to love and appreciate the people and things I own and never take them for granted. I am prepared for 2018 with all the ups and downs. Are you set for 2018 or have you made any resolutions for the year? I'd love to know! Be the change this year to make the world a better place for everyone. Happy 2018 :)


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November/December Photo Diary | 2017

Walking towards the end of 2017,  I ended up having two Japanese dinners, explored various food, enjoyed the Christmas season and cooked tons of Western dishes. My journey in 2017 has been a blessings despite a few challenges and hiatuses. Perhaps I'll share a separate blogpost about my reflection of 2017. Thank you for supporting me by reading my blog. Hope your 2017 has been a year of learning and welcome to 2018 for a better and brighter year. Goodbye 2017 and hello 2018. Happy New Year to you! Cheers! 

Mental Health Talk
Get the opportunity to attend a mental health talk and campaign in the workplace through my college. Wouldn't have been there and listened if attendance wasn't compulsory. Thankfully, I gained a little knowledge about mental health. Do spread the importance of having a healthy mind. 

Whey Chillin'
This cute shop offers unique flavours of ice-cream cake. The cake is lined at the bottom and filled up with ice-cream. The ice-cream is made out of skim milk, which is a healthier ingredient for ice-cream. Health conscious peeps, this is a dessert place to indulge your ice-cream cravings. I ordered the matcha flavour, which contains matcha and red beans. It has a unique taste to it as it doesn't taste like your usual ice-cream. It tastes icy but slightly creamy. You have to try it to understand. A few selections of the cakes are on offers of buy 2 pay for 1 when I was there. The promotion might still available, do check their FB page. 

We tried their set meal from a charity sale and the food tasted delightful. We decided to visit there but the menu had nothing similar to what we'd tasted. It was a disappointment. Nonetheless, I do recommend their sushi platters. They tasted amazing. Avoid ordering other dishes besides the sushis as they are not worth the money, portion and taste. 

My Birthday cake
This fruit cake is the highlight of my birthday. This contains fresh cream, pandan flavoured sponge cake and uncountable numbers of fruits inside and around the cake. I am a happy child. 

I consider this Japanese restaurant to be more exquisite and extravagant. I ordered the Japanese curry and they taste divine. However, they took forever to serve this plate as my other family members had finished their meals and this is yet to come. The sushi set tastes similar to other sushi restaurants I'd been. I suggest you visit the restaurant during lunch time as they have special price for the bento sets. I'll have to go back other time for the lunch set. 

Fashion Inspiration
Polka dots are a trend that is predicted to be on trend in 2018. Do pull out your clothing pieces that are polka dotted to jump on the bandwagon. 

Pre-Christmas Lunch
I had my best friends coming over to my place for a lunch date. They delivered me their homemade chocolate cake which tastes amazing.

Christmas Eve
This is my family's annual Christmas dinner to appreciate everyone in the house and share the joy together as one. We ordered pizzas and Bumberg drinks. The other dishes that are home-cooked: ham rolls, lasagna, stir fry vegetables, gingerbread man cookies (of course), chicken pies, and apple pies. I was mostly in the kitchen the entire week prepping and cooking these dishes. Another year of accomplishing my plan. 

Christmas Day
I went to church in the morning, singing carols. After the service, buffet lunch was served. Then, I had snacks at my friends home and lastly party for dinner. I basically ate continually the entire day. I didn't care about the calories as bonding time is the prime activity besides exchanging gifts. I was gifted with useful items this year which was a huge blessing. 

Food that intrigued me
Gummy worms- long lost favourite

Unintended fusion of coloured slurpee. Get the blue and red ice for similar effect. 

This taste nothing like nuts. It has a hint of sweetness towards the end of a bite and crisps of a potato chips. Weirdly amazing.

I've tried a few different dried mangos from various countries, and this is hands down the best. Nothing much to say about it, sweet and savoury.

Recently found my obsession over the KFC vanilla pudding. They serve it cold which is the best temperature on a humid day.

I've found a few places that is 'instagrammable'  
Sadly, when I went there, the ice-cream machine was broken. However, I got this picture as a reminder to visit the stall again soon.

No caption.  

A new year question, what do you think? Accept/cancel?

All photos by yours truly



Christmas Advent Week 3&4 | Christmas Party Outfit

It's a holly, jolly Christmas! Everyone is busy decorating their trees, cooking over the stove, picking up presents, lighting up candles, singing along with ultimate Frank Sinatra Christmas songs, giggling over funny scenes on Home Alone with a cup of hot chocolate or tea. These are most of what I'd done for the past few weeks to get in tune with the season, but one different thing I'd done this Christmas is reflecting on my achievement and endeavours and the real meaning of Christmas. Christmas to me is a time of sharing and giving, appreciating life and connecting closer to the Creator. It's not about presents and food, but Christ. To celebrate this special occasion, I thought an outfit idea will be brilliant to end the advent series. My themed colour for this year's Christmas is white. I paired this cropped white top with denim culottes and sleek boots. This top has intricate flower pattern scattered across the front and arms of the fabric. Since it's cropped, it is breathable and need not worry about having a bumped stomach. The high rise of the culottes will cover up your tummy well and free to dance all night. As the night gets cold, a pair of high boots will keep your feet warm and easy to walk around without much pain. If you're living in a snowy climate, grab a fuzzy coat with you. I hope you are inspired to come up with a festive outfit this year. Have a joyous and blessed Christmas! Merry Christmas!! :D

Wearing: boutique off shoulder blouse, culotte jeans by LOL, Mango boots
All photos by Phoe


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