Easy Breezy

The weather within these two weeks had been amazing as the air was breezy, cold and windy all day long. Glad that I can lounge around in long pants and cuddle up in my blanket the entire night without worrying of sweating and bathing thrice a day. However, that is not an excuse to devour a heap of ice-cream anyways. Ice-cream is great all year round. One of my favourite ice-cream has to be the local gula apong ice-cream, aside from the vanilla ice-cream (the ones from McDonald's of course). I'm getting hungry as soon as I type this and I'm ready for a slice of pizza along with a cone ice-cream, delish. Aside from a great study break at home, I have exciting trip coming up and also a cute outfit that I wear constantly. Jumpsuit or dungaree are the easiest and comfiest garment that suits any other outfit that you can imagine. I'd styled this jumpsuit from H&M in a few posts if you have been reading my blog. I gravitate towards this piece mostly because the material is light, soft and heat-approved. I can mix match this with just any outfit in my wardrobe. If you're lazy, this is also a lazy-approved piece anyone must have. Words in Italic form means words that cannot be found in a dictionary, I made them up, geez. Have a fantastic weekend! Stay positive :)

Wearing: Zashka collared blouse, H&M jumpsuit, Topshop boots
All photos by Phoe




I was unspirited to keep up with this blog for the past month due to various circumstance that drained my energy away. The moments I had writing on this blog were greatly missed despite being stuck in trials after trials of life. My comeback this time around will include a reschedule of my posting time (Friday, 8:30p.m.; Malaysia Time), more consistent weekly post and stimulate better quality writings and creative styling. I am in the midst of recovering from all my messy situations and striving to look ahead on the positive side of life. I am ready to step higher without being frailious of the greater trial. Keep courage and be strong. Moving along to the ootd below, I wore this look except the skirt and sandals in exchange with a pair of jeans and sneakers, to a college club party. I love how pleated skirt can be versatile in transitioning a bright, fresh look (look up previous post) to a night, grunge look. Pleated skirt is also a great investment if you're looking for a basic with different texture. Have a blessed weekend! ;)

Wearing: Mango slip top, Uniqlo midi skirt, Vincci sandals
Photos by Phoe



A French Summer

Wearing: H&M crop blouse, Uniqlo midi skirt, Cotton On hat, H&M earrings
All photos by Phoe