20 June 2018


This entry has come late due to my absence from severe sore throat (recovering process took nearly a month), study trip and finals. A much needed break from the online blogosphere has made me realised 3 insightful thoughts. First, take care of your well being. Health is equally important as striving hard at work or school. To be physically active and capable, one must build a healthy lifestyle such as drinking ample amount of water, exercising daily, taking vitamins, eating balanced meals everyday and meditating. Never take your health for granted. Your daily activities is dependent on your health. Second, be stress free. I struggle to distress especially when deadlines are approaching or change of plans. Even when I'm sick, I am worried thinking when I will recover. These negative thoughts made me incapable to make decision and move on. To improve such situations, tell yourself that you will do better and recover soon. What you decide to think is what you will become. Take the initiative to think positively. Third, grab the opportunity to do something that you've missed. When we are busy with our errands, there are a few activities that we tend to drop off such as reading, meditating, thorough cleaning of one's room/wardrobe. When I'm ill, I find such situation to be an opportunity to rekindle my interest in reading and cleaning out my wardrobe. That is the least I can do to occupy my time. Reading is a great habit in enriching my life. Cleaning is a great way to freshen up the room while elevating one's mood. One tip when you're having flu/sore throat: Cut half of a big onion and put it in the corner of the room to let it absorb the bacteria from your sickness. It helps clear the air in the room.

08 June 2018

Budget Kuala Lumpur Trip

I am privileged for the opportunity to be flying back to Kuala Lumpur exploring alleys and hidden spots in the city whilst learning communication topics with professors from the States. With the help of exciting duos of college friends, I discovered several places that are budget friendly-which can be helpful to those who want to travel smart and cost efficient. 

Week 1
Day 1 is a discovery day for the three of us to figure out the route of the trains and their stations. A lot of walking are executed. The beauty of walking around the city, despite sore legs, is amazing as you'll get to see the view of the architecture and buildings. To get amazing shots are worth the walk. 

01 June 2018

March/April/May Photo Diary | 2018

I merge the past 3 months into 1 entry as March/April photo diary is long behind schedule. This is little snippets of the moments to be referred or smiled upon in the future. Have an amazing weekend & Selamat Gawai to all my Dayak friends out there x

A slow paced month but packed a long time.
See what the fortune cookie has to say.

Fruit cake that wins my heart every time. 

25 May 2018

Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch | Review

Pimple/acne patch is a new discovery of mine in 2017. I'm not entirely sure if this is a new invention or I'm late to jump on the bandwagon, this patches have been a pimple-saver product to cure and protect any blemishes. I'll be discussing the pros and cons of pimple patches, specifically Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch that is highly raved in the Korean beauty market and won numerous awards. We will discuss if this product is worth the hype.

11 May 2018

Malaysian Thrift Haul

When I was younger, I had wanted to spend less on clothes to experiment with different textures of clothing. Thrift shops don't exist here in my hometown back then, except for one- the Salvation Army elephant store. My interest in digging through secondhand items began when I was in secondary school, where I visited a few charity sales that sell piles of books and never fail to pick a few before heading home; and I dug through piles of old clothing from my neighbours and friends before throwing or donating. That little excitement exponentially grew when there were a few thrift store opened in town (I even worked in one before!). These thrift stores were concentrated on selling clothes, I would spend some weekends browsing through racks after racks. Youtube back then was my little cocoon where I would religiously watch thrift hauls after thrift hauls. My passion for conscious shopping becomes a hobby in hoping to find gems that are unique and valuable. I even have a list of thrift outlets around the world that I'll save up to visit in the future. Thrift shopping then becomes an in fashion where style bloggers are writing and promoting ethical brands. I read articles from Fashion Revolution and watched documentaries about the ethics behind brands transparency and the issue behind the collapse of Rana Plaza. 
Those issues involved in unethical production clothing are quite disturbing. However, through those, they bring consciousness to all consumers about our purchase behaviour while keeping up with trends. I find conscious shopping in my hometown nearly impossible, as most thrift shops ran out of business quickly and trends come and go slowly. (Hint: tips to thrift coming up soon!)
Nonetheless, whenever I am out of town travelling, I always consider thrift shopping the first choice when it comes to clothing articles. I was in Kuala Lumpur a month ago where I checked out 2 amazing thrift stores. I'll share with you the place and the items I got from these outlets.