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Wearing: mom's blouse, LOL culottes, H&M heels
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Batiste Dry Shampoo | Review

Packaging: The rating physically is 9/10. The floral pattern circling around the metal can is too cute not to glance at it. This is the very first drugstore dry shampoo found in Kuching aside from the high-end that is found in Sephora. I search for this for quite sometime and it recently appears on the shelves of the hair section in Guardian. I bought the travel size ones so I can test it before committing to the full size can. I learned from a few websites that dry shampoo is a life changing item to own. I thought it was quite true since the place I'm staying is constantly hot and humid. Washing my hair everyday becomes a routine. If there's dry shampoo, then I would not have to worry about smelly hair even when I don't wash them. I understand that dry shampoo is not to be used too often as it damages hair and may have side effects, so I warn you to only use it when you really need it.

Product: Great for overnight unwashed and greasy hair. Spray the product generously onto the roots of the hairs. I'm not sure exactly how many sprays are recommended but if you have slightly thicker hair like me, you need at least 4-5 sprays to spread evenly over your hair. It volumises my hair as I gently brush through my hair using my hands. There is a light floral scent that leaves your hair smelling like a field of flower. I love the scent, it is not overpowering at all. However, if you're sensitive to scent, you might want to smell it first before you purchase. They have many different scents to choose from. The downside of it is that it leaves dry flakes on scalp if you do not use it properly. Shake well before use so that the product will evenly sprit out of the can. 

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Quantity: 50 ml per can 

Longevity: 8/10 rating. It does leave your hair smells good and grease free for a fair amount of time (half of a day if you're not sweating). If you begin to sweat a lot, the scent will fade and the grease will recover. However, if your intention is to volumise your hair, this is a great product to use. 


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Youth Leaders Retreat/Youth Council 2017

Saturday, 26/08/2017

7:00 a.m.
6 gathered at the airport, had a brief group prayer, half-awoke, walked down through the cold and newly (at least for me) renovated departure hallway. Excited to get refreshed and renewed in my faith  despite the heavy heart to retire from home for 4 days. I couldn't have hop on this journey without my lovely sister. You may think I'm clingy but two is better than one to keep each other company especially on a trip not knowing anyone yet. We took a few attempts of group photos that consisted of 6 tired faces and departed at 7:00 a.m..

8: 32 a.m.
Reached KLIA 2 13 minutes earlier than the actual plan. Interesting fact, our pastor has the flight tracking app that announced our arrival right after the airplane landed when we're still stuck in the plane. Travelled down to KL corp after a morning breakfast at the McDonalds. Explored the entire setting of the corp, inside out, including this cute little pooch.

Around 11:00 a.m.-ish 
I totally forgotten to keep track of the time but I did remembered we travelled down to Sunway to get food and snacks. The fun of picking up snacks for the retreat were a reminiscence of my childhood being able to choose my favourite snack as a 'good girl' reward. We met up with the other group of people which were a mix of new faces and familiar faces. It was my first encounter on observing a cashier scanning through a humungous stack of food and printing out a super long receipt. After a quick lunch, we carried huge, SpongeBob bags filled with food out of the building whilst waiting for the van to arrive. Passerby were giving us looks that could possibly be interpreted as random street sellers. We got back to the corp, get down a few of the bits and bops, then head straight to the resort at approx. 2p.m.. Oh, we had a music jamming session in the van along the journey especially with Ed Sheeran's latest song, Perfect. 

5 p.m.
"You have reached your destination", reported Waze. The phrase somehow becomes our internal group meme which made us all laugh when we thought of it. Despite the poor navigation system which somehow mislead the way, thank God we arrived safely to our destination, Templer Park Rainforest Retreat. The landscape was indeed mesmerising, not to mention all the amazing facilities provided such as a mini sauna, medium size pool with unicorn float, and one-time-one-person trampoline. We were late and tired, but we managed to get through the study sessions before we called it a night. I was beyond blessed to be able to share a room with my sister that has the best view of the golf yard. I was more than grateful and happy to spend the 3 days in that room and the place. 

Although I wasn't able to get to know everyone I'd met, I'd received the best gift from God. I was destined to be there to receive God's answer of knowing my purpose on Earth. I prayed long before I went for this trip to know His purpose for me and I testify Him for the assured answer shared throughout the retreat. I even saw His face when my eyes closed during one of the prayer session. That was a surreal moment but I was glad the vision was true and real. This was my very first vision of Him and this experience holds a very special place in my heart. I had no words to describe my feelings but I was beyond blessed. 

The three days and two nights were well spent and it was time to repack and head back to town for the Youth Council. 

Monday, 28/08/2017

1:00 p.m.
Headed down to KL corp for the youth worship session with around 90 people. This was the biggest crowd of youth gathering that I'd been for the first time. I was enlightened by the crowd. To be able to witness their energy was a golden opportunity. We had early dinner then set out to the Grid 9 hotel to stay in for a night. I was pretty sure that the entire hotel was occupied by our crowds. My sister and I woke up the next day finding our way to get the earliest breakfast(the picture is the evidence of us being the earliest haha). I wasn't prepared to set my feet on the EnerZ Extreme park as I wasn't a sport person to be fit enough to complete all the different challenges. Nonetheless, I was glad to surpass all the barriers(thanks to all the encouragement that I'd received) smoothly. I met great and loving people within my group(we were split into 4 groups) which were the highlights of the event. The fun of bouncing on and off the trampoline was greatly missed but the sweet memory will stays on.

1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.
Our group won the 3rd place for completing all the activities and we had our turn to pick our lunch box according to our winning position. We showered, waved/hugged goodbyes, wished bon voyage  journeyed back to the airport and flew back to Kuching. I missed 2 classes that day but it was worth it. Headed home, celebrated papa's birthday and get to bed for a morning class the next day. Jet lagged, mind drifting towards the fun times and not paying full attention in class hah.

All photos by yours truly except for picture 7, 8 & 10 (taken from FB)

I took only a few images as I had a surprise for you that you'll enjoy at the end of your read. Click on the video below that I'd documented, compiled and edited for the sake of keeping it as memories, but also to share my journey with you. Enjoy and happy weekend! x