03 March 2018

January/February Photo Diary | 2018

This post wraps up the events that happened in the month of January and February. Hope you have a lovely weekend! Let me know if you enjoy reading this format of writing x

Book of the month 
A danish lifestyle book (that mentions hygge a lot) which talks about the little things that Danish community appreciates and how they live through winter in their own homes. They are hygge (of course), homey and cosy. This book is recommended if you want to find inspiration to elevate the level of cosiness in your home. Love, love this book. Btw, I borrowed this from my friend and I'm glad I came across this. Oh, the book include some awesome hygge recipes!

26 February 2018

Candid Lunar Pose

One of the most anticipated festive season for me, other than Christmas is the Lunar New Year. This year is no exception one of the best year of reuniting with family and friends in the presence of good food and interesting talks-turn-into-discussion periods. The blessings this new year are countless and worth more than the world. I appreciate this opportunity to be more grateful of what I have and not what I do not have. As that being said, I am grateful to pick this beautiful red masterpiece from Mango half a year ago. I know that if I don't get it by then, I will not get it sooner. It was on sale, fits me like a glove, the colour screams Lunar New Year, so I have to have it. This is one of my best decision in purchasing an article of clothes as I have been more aware of the materials I put on my body. This piece is made from linen which is highly breathable and comfortable for the sunny days. They even comes with two pockets, what a score! Temperature during the New Year keeps on rising from day to day and this piece keeps me cool all day. I purge a lot of my clothing that are made of synthetic materials such as polyester (I still wear them but in colder areas) as I don't feel confident and comfortable in them as much. I had recently done a mini wardrobe clear out and I am happy I did. I am so happy that I did twirls for a short photoshoot during the golden hour to prove how much I love this piece. I styled it with a statement chain earrings, sling bag and a pair of slides to complete a new year look. Oh, remember to glide on your lips with a bold red lip stick/stain/cream. HLNY!! ;)

16 February 2018

Pyunkang Yul Moisture Cream | Review

I will be sharing my holy grail moisturiser that is gentle yet moisturising for my face- the Pyunkang Yul Moisture Cream (+ exciting website I found that helps!). Since the Korean beauty rave, this brand is one that stands out to me due to their concept behind the making of their products. Pyunkang Yul is renowned by Pyungkang Oriental Medicine Clinic and they believe in opting out unnecessary, unsafe ingredients from their products to provide skincare that can help with sensitive and irritated skin. This moisture cream has cooling properties that is calming to the skin. It also cools down heated / hot temperature skin. This moisturiser is safe to use even on baby skin- this will not irritate your skin.