Create New Moments

It has been good to be back on track updating my blog weekly. A lot of happenings took place since early January and they weren't any good news. My heart and mind crumbled upon the devastating events that took place within the same day. I felt mad at myself but my new year goal stopped me from thinking negatively. My goal was to enjoy every second of 2017 and I knew that that will not happen if I continued to fear of failure. I was and always, will be tempted to focus on damaging, negative thoughts but I will not let those thoughts stopped me from reaching my goals. I wanted to remind myself and in case I felt down, I could reread this again to reassure myself and you, who are reading as well, hopefully.
For the styling portion, pairing a sporty, active wear look is a refreshing look to kick start a brand new year. I styled my sporty look with a cool men's shirt and leggings to give off that ready-to-go vibes and hopefully urge you to get fit again. I paired this look with a pair of DIY pom pom earrings (looked for it for such a long time but was flippin expensive) that I proudly handmade them. These earrings displayed a little feminine touch to the sporty look. This style definitely reminded me of the early 2000s.
So, what's your new year goals for 2017?

Wearing: H&M sporty jacket, rejected men's shirt, high-top Chucks, DIY pom pom earrings
All photos by Phoe



Christmas Advent Week 4 | Christmas Day Outfit

'Tis is the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la.
Tis year I had an amazing Christmas that is special not because it was different than last year, but because the relationship between me and God, my family and friends stayed the same. I'm absolutely grateful for the unbroken bond with all the important people in my life. Without them, I will not describe my day as special and I will not be happy as I am right now. Gifts and food are somewhat important for most people during this season, but they doesn't mean anything if it wasn't from someone that you love. If people were forced to buy gifts just for the fun and entertaining purposes, that gift means nothing. Nothing. Gifts are something that is from your sincerity and thoughtfulness. If you couldn't afford buying gifts, it was even better to spend quality time through visitation or phone calls with family and friends that you had not get in contact for awhile rather than frustrating yourself to get gifts. The world said more gifts means more fun, but God said more time spent with Him meant more gifts that were better yet to come. This year is the year that I understood the real meaning of Christmas. Yes, I had good jolly dinner and gifts, but that is the secondary happiness. 
What have you learnt tis season? 
I wore this ootd/look to church this Christmas and I fell in love with it over and over again. If you're planning to wear a casual night out on new year's eve, this outfit might be a good inspiration to style up or down. Happy Holidays! x

Wearing: H&M stripe top, H&M dungaree, Mango boots
All photos by Phoe



Christmas Advent Week 3 | What I Got For Christmas

I thought that I'll share bits and bops that I got this Christmas since I really love watching what others got for Christmas. Hope you can get inspiration in terms of gifting in the near future. Happy Holidays!