Blooming Day

Let's first talk about the weather. Reporting from the tropical continent, the weather has been unpredictable as the sky rains and shines whenever it wants. So, I have been shifting my outfit styles to suit the weather and one look that I'm loving so far to is this granny style. Wearing an oversized sweater over a skirt screams comfort and reminds me of nan's style. I modernised the look with scarf chokers and buckled boots to give off the classy, timeless character to the outfit. This is a simple spring look that anyone can approve of without following the trend.

Wearing: H&M sweater & skirt, Topshop boots
All photos by Phoe



Jan/Feb Photo Diary | 2017

"The new beginning begins"
Hope this post inspires you to keep moving forward to each day of 2017 with positivity and chills. God bless x 

Welcome 2017
I tend to start slow in the beginning of a new year to refresh my goals, either for improvements or a change. My dad drove us out of town to catch a sight of nature as a relaxation session before we get on with the hustle and bustle in life. 

I would describe scenery as a growth. I can see development, transformation, movement, and lives through the sky, flowers and building structures. Each day has their own unique picture that the next day will never have. That's why capturing the moments are like a treasure to me, to be able to understand the world a little bit more. 

Chinese New Year
Celebration=food. The pictures may not be insta-worthy or aesthetically pleasing at all, but sharing my gratification and blessings might be worth it after-all. I don't really capture the happy moments and faces here because I was in a food coma and maximised the time spent with my friends and family. 

Finally I bought the materials for my pom-pom earrings project and I loved how these earrings turned out. I'll be sending these away for my friends and sister.

Quick Food
I shouldn't be shamelessly posting these weird food stuff on my blog but I'm beyond shameless to continue posting them, just for you.
Granola bars are the energy bars that you need when you're hungry. I love them too much. 

Traditional cookies that has the top place in my favourites. 

Heck, I don't know what's the name of this bread but these are incredibly, uh-mazing. 

I was contemplating whether to post this out because it looked like a mess. I was ashamed for posting this but this is the quickest and tastiest pasta I'd made so far-thanks to Liv's Healthy Living video.

Saigon Fusion (Vietnamese)
Valentine's Day spent with family is the best. We had the best vietnamese food in town and I'm craving for it again as soon as I'm writing this. The best, must-try, top dishes are: beef pho (beef noodles), rice bowl, vietnamese spring rolls and mango rice desserts. 

Quote Of The Month
Everyone needs this quote. Wear whatever you want. 

I'd thought I'd share my interest in taking weird, funky pictures for fun. 

All photos by me



Pink Movement

Pink is a beautiful tone of colour that comes with many shades and hues. I especially love baby pink because the light shade soothes my view. I grew up wearing pink clothes; hated pink in secondary school and loved it at 20. I am not expert in colours but I think loving a colour has to do with the evolution of how we perceive things that we see. I used to only see pink as those bright, concentrated colour that glows straight in the face. Now that I'm aware of the soft shades of pink, I love them as much as I love black. As I begin to find inspiration on styling pink articles, I come up with this ootd of a mix of girly and casual style. I wore this outfit out on V day and they're the comfiest outfit with maximum cuteness. I spice up the look with popping pom pom earrings and black choker. Hope this inspires you in some ways. Happy Weekend! x

Wearing: H&M blouse, DIY choker & pom pom earrings
Photos by Phoe