29 July 2014

Conservation Day

On 23rd July, International Award of my school organised a Conservation Day to bring awareness to the students of conserving and preserving the earth. This was my first involvement in this huge activity. Totally excited about it A LOT. As one of the member of International Award, i had to involve in the activities. I was involved in the face-painting booth, and clothes/books/jewelries swap booth. A few weeks before the big day, all the members of IA(International Award) were busy brainstorming ideas to set up different booths. Especially Year 11 members, which I was in this year, were the main group to be responsible of the whole event. On the actual day, everything went smoothly. I was busy in the face painting booth painting tattoos- especially Mocking Jay, goodness i struggle a bit at first as i never drawn the symbol for people. The more tattoos i drew, i felt the fun spreading love to the kids. A few creatively designed DIYs were displayed in the school hall which I were able to take a few snaps of them.
Choc cake- so tempting omg

let's swap  our clothes

a.k.a Rome tower

One of my tattoo painting products

Support face-painting booth!

She loves Mocking Jay, Hungry for Hunger Games now..

I'd not taken quite a lot of pictures- disappointed a lot due to overwhelming response for the face-painting. Experience, fun and team-work were the most important elements in this activity. I'd get to know all my other friends better and share our feelings after the one-day hard work. I was proud of my team a lot. They're superb. 
Not to forget,today is the 2nd day of Raya. Selamat Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends and viewers out there.


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