03 August 2014

Lulur- Remedy For Removing Dead Skins

Lulur is a type of Javanese body treatment, an ancient beauty treatment which origanated 17 centuries ago in the palaces in central Java,as traditionally given to young Indonesian lady each day for 40 days before their wedding to prepare them for the important event. Up to today, Lulur is still used in spas in Indonesia and Malaysia.
As for me, before i even know Lulur ever existed, I tried some other body scrubs. I had used them for quite a long time but it didn't scrub off my dead skin ( when the product says it will scrub off dead skin, ugh). Every lady wants to have a vibrant and smooth skin like those models and film stars on magazines and on TV shows, wouldn't you? I would love to have that smooth textured skin so that i can be confident of my own self. Taking care of myself is one of my priority ( everyone's priority too! ) in order to love others. To my surprise, my friend shared with me about the Lulur body scrub she was using. I was introduced by her to try to use Lulur body scrub as she had used it and was happy with the result. At first, i was not confident to try this product so i did some research on the properties of Lulur and the effects after using it. The review of using Lulur was good. Besides, i'm just a student and couldn't afford to go for Lulur spas which was quite expensive. Determined to try, i bought one home ( which took me a long time to find and even asked my friend a lot of questions ) which is the picture above. I followed the instructions given and i got to really scrub off my dead skins and it leaves my skin soft and supple. It also whiten my skin (slowly) and restores my youthful skin. Amazingly, I've stick to it since my first try. 

Tips on using Lulur body scrub :
1. Let your skin dry or before a bath when applying the cream will obtain the best result.
2. Apply and rub gently the cream onto your body (same concept as rubbing an eraser on a paper) until the scrubbed materials is seen on the surface of your skin.
3. Wash it off with water and dry off your skin. 

*WARNING : Do not use the cream to scrub your face

There are a lot of range of Lulur Body Scrub from tube form to cream form. You can find it in Watsons, Guardian or supermarkets. It's your choice to choose which you feel it's best for your skin. I chose Sumber Ayu (cream form) as the shop had only this brand available at the moment. 
I've tested the goodness of Lulur body scrub, why not You give it a try as well? Be sure to ask me if you're not sure anything about Lulur and share with me your result if you've tried it! I'd loved to hear your comments! 

Happy Sunday, lovelies!


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