30 August 2014

Body Lotion You Must Try

When i entered to a personal store, i'll ran to the shelves where the moisturiser and lotion were displayed. The packaging and the smell were attractive enough to capture my attention. That's when my hands started to stretch out and tempted to reach for them. Ain't all ladies agree? Okay, may not necessarily be lotion, but I'm sure we all have something that we can't let their eyes off!

I once hated using lotion as it leaves my skin oily and sticky. (Some of you may experience it before, ain't you?) Since 2 years back, I found a few amazing product which i can't let go and i learn to love them until this day. My mum would quote me, 'the key to a subtle, young, model-like skin comes from a good self maintenance' -this boost my self confidence as well.

Choosing the right lotion is crucial in order to achieve the maximum effect of a beautiful, glowing skin. I advice you to give a new product a test and try by buying the small bottle or getting free sample before you commit wholly to it. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to consult your doctor before using any new products.

1. EGO QV skin lotion 
 QV skin lotion is suitable for dry or sensitive skin. It soothes and helps to prevent and relieve dry skin. Totally recommend this as it can be used day and night. It is FREE from perfume, colouring, propylene glycol and lanolin. The lotion contains pH balance which maintains the moisture in the skin preventing it from drying. It is also suitable for use with eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis also the elderly and infants. Best use after bathing. 

2. Vaseline healthy white
A skin lightening lotion which leaves my skin moisturised and nourished (as it contains yogurt serum). It helps to prevent further darkening of the skin and brings out your skin's natural fairness. To lighten your skin, it depends on how consistent you use the product. It keeps your skin with soft, lady-like pinkish smell hmm. I also highly recommend Petroleum Jelly from Vaseline as it serves multiple benefit to your skin. 

3. Baylis & Harding
Tbh, i'm in love with the pink coloured liquid. A moisturising hand lotion with wild rose and raspberry leaf as the main ingredients. For those who are looking up for a good moisturising hand lotion, why not give this a try? The lotion leaves your hand silky smooth after application. Best result if use before your sleep as during the day we tend to get contact with water and dust which minimise our skin's moisture and wash off the lotion applied easily. 

Hope this helps you to achieve a healthier skin!

Btw, spent quite a good time at TSA sale of work today ;D


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