10 November 2014

Holiday Scent

Boy, am I relieved after a month's sleep deprivation for the sake of the finals. This is not the first time I've been through suck knotty situation of sitting for an exam and i found it extra challenging as I've never came across those subjects. Thankfully, I went through it with much determination. So, it's early November ( my fav month of the year, do you?) and I had begun writing my plans of to-do stuff for the end of the year ( tbh, I had already my plans floating in my head since my exams started!). Quite excited about it, and, hopefully everything will turn up to be fun. Holidays are meant to equip our time wisely with activities that we wished to do but could not fulfill it on normal days. As for me, choosing the ideal smell, packaging and colour of perfume is one of my favourite to-do activity. I savour the scent of the bottle of Versace Red Jeans spray perfume. The liquid gives a warm and calm aroma to my sense of smell. The scent is not too dense to overpower the air around. I'm not fond with heavy and strong scented perfume and Versace is absolutely my choice with its light, cheerful smell. I had fun the whole day without bothering to respray. As of the packaging and colour, it brings the mood of holidays. I'm obsessed with the lion's head a lot, haha, and a classy look of the whole appearance. What a compliment! Well, now it's time for me to head to bed. Hope you like this post as much as I do! Will post up more updates of this month soon. In the mean time, enjoy your day ;)


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