18 December 2014

Pimple Free!

Basically, most of us, ladies had experienced zits growing on our face- and even on body parts. This is partly cause by our hormones or stress. I had found a pimple-saver seriously! It effectively heals my pimple scars as well as newly grown pimples. I'd been using it for 4 years. I'd searched from brand to brand for a good pimple cream. I do feel frustrated when i see a red dot on my face especially when I need to attend an event or a night out(don't you?). I've tried a few other pimple cream such as Clean&Clear but the result is not as good as Himalaya's. I'd trusted this brand ever since i used their pimple cream. Not to mention, this brand exist since 1930. If you have sensitive skin or afraid of side effects, need not worry as Himalaya Herbals pimple cream is a range of natural and safe products that use carefully selected herbs. Even my mom uses this cream(believe it or not!).

When and how to apply Himalaya A-N-P cream :
* Apply it at Night for effective healing, apply it in the Morning to cover up your pimples partially(as the pimple cream is in cream colour- quite similar to the colour of foundation)
* After cleansing your face, apply the required amount to the affected area.

Tips: Remember to watch out your diet to be less pron to pimples. Eat less junk food ( well, I fail to control sometimes haha), oily food and fried food. Cleanse your face at least once a day to get rid of bacteria and oils(your face do produce oil!). Exercise at least thrice a week. Drink more water and a cup of green tea a day will helps. Be happy and stress free!

Hope this article will help those of you who had pimple problem like me ;)


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