02 October 2015

Beauty Tips: Removing Blackheads

Alright, another beauty review for you all. I must admit I hate blackheads popping out on my nose and who don't? I had short interview(when it comes to personal questions, I ask a lot HAHA) with a number of friends on removing blackheads and I was quite intimidated by their answers as they were- squeezing them out by hand or using blackheads remover; use pore strips; cleanse them twice a day. Squeezing pores could result in pain, swelling or redness especially if you have sensitive skin. I could never imagine hurting my nose to that extend and I tried pore strips before but was disappointed with the aftermath.

 About 3-4 years back, the first Faceshop store was in town and I was hoping to find something worth my time and money and I tried out their White Mud nose pack. I was not confident to use it but hey, I needed to and I attained cleaner nose just after 2-3 weeks(I used once a week). The sticky, mud-like paste removes the blackheads gently and the whole process just takes about 10 minutes. I highly recommend this product since it contains natural ingredients that suits even those with sensitive skin. If you have other top tips, let me know in the comment box below :)

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