04 May 2015

Giving on Mother's Day

We appreciate our mother and that's why we celebrate Mother's Day. Mothers are heroes, honestly. They play the roles of a wife, a mother and a woman at the same time each day. A motherly love and nurture means everything to a child. As I see myself growing every inch, I can reflect on the perseverance, hard work, love and patience that my mom had portrayed. The joyous smile from her face is nothing compared to. Sometimes, we may think they had not fulfill their responsibility enough in our young days but isn't this is the time to forgive them and start a new day with them? They are humans as well and we should think from their perspectives in some situations. Mother's Day is not about gifts or food or any material stuff in this world. Its about how appreciative we are of them and how we could repay of their care and love from  the bottom of our hearts. Not by money or items but by our will and sacrifice. What all mothers hope for their children are that they could grow up healthily and be successful in every aspects of life. Shouldn't we provide them a better life and meet their needs? Their years of sacrifices are countless and serving them in return would indeed put a smile on their faces and on yours too. I know people would say they're still schooling or they couldn't afford to give gifts but you know you could give your time to your mom or wishing your mom 'Happy Mother's Day! I love you, mom', give her a hug and kiss or spending your day with her on her hobby or a walk or a chit chat could build a legacy of love for your mom and I'm sure she will remember that special day forever.
However, if you love to give something to your mom on her honouring day, a few suggestions below could help with your shopping this month! All mothers out there deserve a stylish yet feminine items on their special day. 

#1 Scarfs
Scarf are a classic yet affordable gift to present. All you have to do is to take some time to know your mom's favourite designs and colours and you're on your way to choosing the perfect scarf! I prefer to buy something useful rather than buying things that are kept in the drawer, forever. So, scarfs are a brilliant choice as it can be wore on a cold weather or as an accessories to complete a style or look. The three scarfs are my top favourite and maybe would be your next favourite?

#2 Shades
Ray Ban acetate sunglasses
If your mom is not a fan of scarfs, sunglasses is another perfect option. The price of good shades are pretty high and if you'd saved up enough money for a gift to your mom, why not get this baby right away? Ray Ban has high quality shades and its comfortable to put on plus the UV protection. Just make sure you get the right shades according to your mom's face shape. 

#3 Lipstick / Gloss
Left to right : DiorMAC, Chanel rouge coco
Who doesn't like lipstickssss? All woman are in needs of those. Gloss could be cheaper than lipstick depending on brands as lipstick could last longer than gloss. If your budget is enough for a gloss, just go for it. Your mom will love it. Chanel and MAC lipsticks are great as well. Remember to choose the right colour tone!

#4 Perfume
Left to right : Versace, Lancomé, Victoria's Secret sheer love
We all want to spray some scent on our first date or on our first interview, don't we? May not be but perfume can be a great gift for a mom. Whether you want to give a big or small bottle, as long as you're sincere in giving, that's more important. I chose all pink as pink does give a sense of softness and love. Versace and Lancomé have light and feminine scent which suits any mom. Tighter budget, you could go for Victoria Secret which is one of my favourite as well!

#5 Bag /Casing
Left to right :Rebecca Mincoff, Maiyet Sia shopping bagZara
Handbag, shopping bag, outing bag or cosmetic bag or casing or whichever doesn't matter. As long as you know your mom's need or favourite, you wouldn't go wrong. But do consider your budget and decide which is best. I chose black bags because they're a classic piece which match whichever colour that any mom are wearing. It pulls off easily with any colour. Plus, if bags are not on your list, why not go for cute phone casing or laptop or iPad casing? If your mom needs one, get one for them!;)

Last but not least, if you're not in time to buy a gift, why not create or draw a card from DIY materials or design through the computer? Your initiative makes the difference! Posting cards are getting little and little every day but they mean a lot to a person and honestly I'm overjoyed when I receive a card as it reminds me that I'm are still important to them in their hearts. If Mother's Day celebration in your country had past, you could still do this for her birthday or if its too late, why not start next year? Hope you make a difference for your mom this year and Happy Mother's Day to all mothers! I love you, mommy x


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