23 July 2015


Yesterday was a little colder as the cloud and wind moves together and wearing long garments in this type of weather was just perfect. I adapted so quickly that you easily caught my smile in front of the camera. I understand the fact that in my country, wearing a beanie is a big no-no since the weather will not ever drop down to less than 30 celsius but those babies honestly looked cool on any head. I got this beanie about 4 or 5 years ago at a funky boutique. It was not a surprise gift or bought out of own pocket money but somehow I persuaded my mom to buy it for my birthday( kids, you know). I never wore them until this day and the idea of cool vibes that I usually dreamt of came true. I could not be more happy than to wear a beanie that I laid my eyes on for the very first time and a gift that I promised to wear it someday. 

Wearing: vintage plaid shirt, beanie from boutique, Topshop boots

All photos by Phoe



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