30 October 2015


I'm always loving the idea of an art exhibit held in town since they carry so much positive vibes, creativity, uniqueness and definitely an eye-opener. Honestly, I think there are not enough promotion for art work and galleries that are worth mesmerising and this time, without  is a coincidence that I passed by that location(see how well my connectivity with art is, HAHA just kidding). Once I entered  the gallery, I was speechless and just wondered at the skills of each artist and painters. Most of the paintings and art work were inspired purely by the local culture, items and places which I'm super proud of. These artists' potential and talents worth your every minute spent on in the exhibit. Their products inspired me to be who I am and be who I wanted to be in the future. I can evidently say that their handwork was their key to succeed their dreams. Kudos to them and I believe you and I can do the same in achieving our goals. All the best x

"No art, no life"

All photos taken by yours truly



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