08 January 2016

New Year Hope

Trust me, I had hard times convincing my brain to let my hand draw the figure '6'. We tend to get comfortable in 2015 and adjusting time for new plans in the new year were not something impossible to think of but something we definitely struggle to achieve. New Year Resolution are somewhat a motivator for some people to reach their ultimate goals and dreams. This method of achieving 'what we want in life' same applies to my own goals. I wrote down a couple of things that I wanted to accomplish or rewrite a few goals that were not achieved in the previous year which I really hoping to reach in 2016. I could not guarantee how effectively this can work, since at times I'll procrastinate and that dream just won't ever happen, but it's all up to your own determination and passion on realising the dream. Now it's the head start for new exciting plans to become a reality, all the best!
I'm still emotionally in the holiday mood and hopefully get in full swing by the following week as I'm still chilling before school starts and a slice of pizza is good to go. Not to forget a warm fuzzy sweater with pizza is just the best combination for this month. 

Wearing: vintage sweater, Zara skirt, Zalora.my flats, necklace(gift)

Photos by Phoe



  1. Nice pictures and lovely post <3
    Sending love from www.shebebutfierce.com XOXO

    1. Hi Monet! Thanks for the comment ;D
      Have a great 2016 & love your blog btw!

  2. Great post! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Catarina, for the comment! ;D
      Have an awesome 2016! x

  3. You look fantastic. I love it :)



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