20 May 2016

Sunset Kiss

My excitement level was at its peak on Monday and slightly diminished throughout the week. As you might not know, I celebrated my best friends' birthday on Monday which I was extremely thrilled about especially waiting for them to open the gift- I resisted to spill the beans months and months before. I was being careful to keep the surprise. It's not easy to keep secrets when you have good things to share but anyways, the party was worthwhile in catching up with stories from each other. Surprisingly (not really haha), I wore the outfits below to the birthday bash apart from the shoes. Incorporating a touch of elegance in a casual look appeared to display a more put-together look. The blending of sparkling fabric with denim toned down the formality that suited best for a party. Have an awesome weekend! 

Wearing: H&M dungaree & crew neck top

All photos by Phoe


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