19 August 2016

Things To Do When I'm Bored

This post is rather different than my other posts- unrelated to my usual fashion or photo diaries, but somehow I found the muse in sharing tips/thoughts of my typical lifestyle. My thoughts may be the most cliche at some point, but I do hope you enjoy reading. I even thought of making this into a series. Anyways, during my bored days, I tend to procrastinate. I have the tendency to write a long list of to-dos but never do. Such annoying habit has to be removed, now or never. I tried these and still use these tricks when I feel I shouldn't be doing anything. Hope this entertains you and happy weekend! ;)

I. Read, read, read
"If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads."-Ralph Waldo Emerson. This quote proves that we can discover a lot of unique and intriguing knowledge that we never know they exist. You can treat it as a quiet to yourself- as what I do sometimes, after a tired hustling day. Reading actually expands your perspective view of things which makes you look wiser, a bonus, isn't it?

II. Try new/existing hobby
Oh, I know that reading is not everyone's cup of tea, but there's no excuse that you can't do what you love. Either trying out a new hobby or polishing your old ones, you have to discover your passion that you'll love a lifetime, then you'll find that time flies a lot quicker than you think. Hobbies quick lists are such as baking, painting, drawing, playing musical instrument, sports, dancing, singing, blogging, vlogging... the lists goes on and on (maybe I should do a post on hobbies?). I draw and play musical instrument to occupy/jam pack my bored times. This works well when you find yourself stressing out too much- I'd tried and this worked. 

 III. Clean your room/wardrobe
Who doesn't want to live in a comfortable and cozy space when you get home after a hectic day? Cleaning or spacing out your room according to your lifestyle/taste/vibe is important to bring a sense of 'you'-your personality, character and passion. It doesn't have to be the most expensive items to spice up a room. As long as the item shows your personality, you're on the right track.

 IV. Create inspiration/mood board
Inspirations are everywhere, anywhere. Nowadays we have tumblr, weheartit that has inspiration board type of arrangement to save all your favourite photos virtually. However, I still love keeping physical photos. I used to cut pictures or quotes from newspapers/magazines as inspirations. It's best if you can find magazines from thrift stores or even fashion outlets for cheaper price/free, cut and paste them on your inspiration board. This does help to get you in the mood to be inspirational and get your ass moving.

V. Sell old clothes/items laying around
This is a continuation of point III where you declutter all your stuffs, then divide the items into keep/throw piles. In the throw piles, you might want to consider selling some the items that are too good to throw away. Not only you get some cash back, you successfully utilised "bored times", not to mention you will use your math skills. 

All photos edited by yours truly


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