20 December 2016

Christmas Advent Week 1 | Christmas Gift Guide

This post came out a little later than it should but I thought I'll share with you nonetheless. As a tradition from last year, I will be posting Christmas-themed blogpost weekly before Christmas day. This year, I thought I'll share a few things that are worth to read and gain inspirations from. For week 1, I'll be sharing with you last-minute gift guides for your families and friends. Sometimes, finding the right gift for someone dear to you can be a struggle but worry not, I got your back. I'll be breaking down the ideas into 4 categories. Now, you just have to target which category to look into then hunt for that item asap. Happy shopping! x

i. Beauty Beats
You can never go wrong with purchasing amazing products for all the ladies and gentlemen (trust me, they care about their face as well) out there. Depending on your budget, I suggest walking into nearest drugstores to find products that are comparable to those high-ends that are mostly on sale at this time of the year. There are tons of amazing high-street products that are better or even similar to those high-ends. 
Products that are worth to give: face masks, body & hair bath, perfumes/mists, lip products(lipsticks, lip balm, liquid lipsticks, lip stains), nail polishes, makeup (blush, bronzer)
Brands worth mentioning: [high-street] NYX, Nature Republic, Vaseline, The Body Shop, Etude House, Crabtree & Evelyn, Bourjois; [high-end] Sephora, Tarte, TheBalm, Clinique

ii. Accented Accessories
For those who love to spice up their look with jewelries, you should know which subcategory of accessories that they go for in a daily basis. These pieces will not only accentuate their look but you makes them feel appreciated and remembered.
Subcategories of accessories: watches, sunglasses, pins & patches, necklaces(chokers,pendant)/rings/bracelets, earrings

iii. Fashion Finds
If you know someone needs a pair of socks or cap, or just someone who loves fashion, finding a perfect pair of garment (bear in mind that you know their size well if you're planning to gift clothing items) is super easy. Especially those who are in the colder climate, a set of gloves or beanie can be a great gift. For those who are in a hotter climate, a cap or pyjamas or a sling bag is just appropriate.
Fashion gifts suggestions: gloves, scarf, pyjamas set, fancy socks, knitted Christmas sweater, cap, beanie, onesies, band tees, sweater

iv. Hobbies & Crafts
Those who are techno savvy, souvenirs craze, fan club craze; or loves baking, cooking, painting, etc, find them something to add into their collection can be just as great as giving them a cute beanie.
Items worth mentioning: extravaganza phone case, magnets, painting set, anime series, pen drive

Last but by no means least, food is just as important as those gifts listed hah. I mean the gathering, laughter, joy and time spent are more important than all the gifts. Oh, I know I'm late to post this but this is relevant if you want to buy birthday presents. During this season, give a call or write a letter/card to someone you've not been connected recently. Let's bring a smile on everyone's face this Christmas :)

All photos by yours truly x


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