13 January 2017

Create New Moments

It has been good to be back on track updating my blog weekly. A lot of happenings took place since early January and they weren't any good news. My heart and mind crumbled upon the devastating events that took place within the same day. I felt mad at myself but my new year goal stopped me from thinking negatively. My goal was to enjoy every second of 2017 and I knew that that will not happen if I continued to fear of failure. I was and always, will be tempted to focus on damaging, negative thoughts but I will not let those thoughts stopped me from reaching my goals. I wanted to remind myself and in case I felt down, I could reread this again to reassure myself and you, who are reading as well, hopefully.

For the styling portion, pairing a sporty, active wear look is a refreshing look to kick start a brand new year. I styled my sporty look with a cool men's shirt and leggings to give off that ready-to-go vibes and hopefully urge you to get fit again. I paired this look with a pair of DIY pom pom earrings (looked for it for such a long time but was flippin expensive) that I proudly handmade them. These earrings displayed a little feminine touch to the sporty look. This style definitely reminded me of the early 2000s.
So, what's your new year goals for 2017?
Wearing: H&M sporty jacket, rejected men's shirt, high-top Chucks, DIY pom pom earrings
All photos by Phoe



  1. Love your Outfit you look really beautiful!

    Please visit my Blog!


    Alessa Bernal

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Alessa! ;D
      Will def stop by ur blog x


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