30 June 2017

Dawn Before Sunrise

Lost and found. Two words to describe the state of my mind. Lost as I wasn't motivated to deliver content to this blog due to a few circumstances (one of them is having problem logging in to this account). Handling emotions are challenging especially when unexpected people or things appear to disrupt your plans. However, a current experience had me realised emotions were merely a circumstances compared to my precious life.

Me and my family went on this trip to hike in the jungle without informing the ranger or preparing any defence gears, simply thinking of wanting a simple family time to enjoy the nature. We weren't aware of the risk during our trip but we realised how dangerous it was after our reflecting and sharing moments when we got back home. The jungle trail was marked with coloured sprays and fallen signboards. By this time, some of you might turn back and walked home but we did not. It was until we reached the waterfall after an hour and a half, we heard no noise from birds or insects. It was cold and the route to the fall was dark and steep. Pictures taken were blurred. No signal on the phone. I had the feeling of urging us to get back soon as if something was wrong. We hurriedly leave that place without talking (you're not allowed to talk in the jungle) and the rain started pouring as we were half way back to the picnic area. The bridge to the last half of the trail was filled with leaves. We believed no one before us entered that last few kilometres of the trail. The act of us walking through the woods, crossing a river and passing 3 bridges could endanger our lives, what if the bridge broke or any of us slide off the trail. We could be lost and dead as there were no phone line connection. Found as we found our way out successfully and thank God for his protection and answered prayers although we didn't see the danger in front of us. Without His protection, we could be lost forever. I'm blessed that my family is safe. I'd learnt to live my life wisely and not take it for granted. I found myself again and I'll treasure every second of my life even during the bad times. If you read and make it thus far, live your life to the fullest and be positive always. Have a blessed day ahead! (oh, I had blasts this week as we went raya visiting and got duit raya x)
Wearing: Cotton On patch jeans, Zalora flats
All photos by Phoe


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