12 September 2014

A for Arts

I don't know why I would create a Tumblr account a few years back but I've been obsessed with it quite a LOT since then. 

That's when my interest in arts grow.

I've been fascinated with colourful drawings, paintings and handiwork since primary school and even urged myself to join two drawing and colouring competition LOL (memang crazy about arts!)

Tumblr is a door to arts thingy. There are tons of cool pictures that I've never seen. That's when I'm determined to continue to love arts - as I've given up arts for a couple of years and to find back my true passion.

Now that I'm more observant about my surrounding and would take 12345678910 pictures of them as my art collection-which I'm really proud of!

The other day, I had a dinner with my family and drop by The Hills shopping mall - to burn out our calories after a big dinner, and found these pictures representing Malaysia's unique nature and people and it was a collection from the handicapped team. I really admire their genuine work! 

 Sea turtle swimming ( looks like a 3D picture )

Orang Iban (a type of tribal people in Sarawak) blowing an arrow pipe
How authentic the painting is!

They're so gifted! They paid full attention in painting every single piece and the patience to paint such a delicate painting.

Will share more of my pictures which i've snapped the next time.

That's all for tonight. TGIF


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