12 October 2019

Mirae Thermal Sonic Facial Brush | Review

silicone face brush
If you could recall the portable sauna made trendy in the early decade, those gadgets were bizarre. My 13-year-old thought couldn't comprehend how people are crazily innovative. Since then, I had a bizarre idea of magical techno tools that can convert a facial saloon at home. Conventionally, facial saloon is the best outlet for a facial and I couldn't deny how therapeutic the firm neck and face massages are. Regardless of how great professional facial is, self-pampering is a millennial preferred choice (along with the "do what I want" quote). With the mass variety of facial brushes in the market, it's easy to get caught up with trends and overwhelm by the choices (capitalism at its finest). To dilute it to what's locally available, I'm going to uncover to you the beauty of the Mirae Thermal Sonic Facial Brush (possibly help you shop for Christmas!) and whether it's worth its publicity.

24 August 2019

Rainforest World Music Festival 2019

Here's a recap of my experience during Day 3 of RWMF.

 I had to admit that I was in a privileged position to attend a huge event like RWMF for the first time. I never thought I would enjoy festival as much until I attended one. 

Little did I know that this festival had been running 23 years of global indigenous music! This year's was one of the biggest and I could testify that it was an incredible way to soak in the culture of Sarawak as well as the sound of global music.

21 July 2019

Rainforest Fringe Festival 2019

#RFF2019 was my first ever media event representing the company I was interning with. Despite being lost for half an hour, I managed to run to the event to get a couple of footage. I never thought I would enjoy being a solo journalist/media representative until that day. 

Borneo Laboratory
The two exhibits that were located within the small room were 'Book Launch & Exhibition' and 'Museum of Scents.' The book features artworks and displays the outcomes of all innovations.  
Borneo Laboratory also dives into Borneo woods and scents to highlight the benefits for health and environmental conservation. The candles made by Ai Ai ILLUM LAB smelt beautiful with the use of natural essential oil. Liberica coffee brewing is also demonstrated live during the session.
rainforest fringe festival

13 July 2019

Sarawak Timber Expo 2019

My third time around timber expo was relatively fascinating as I got to talk to one of the designers on the story behind his designs. I guess wearing like a journalist-photographer appeals for some engagement and brief conversation from strangers. I was inspired by the experimental and meticulous designs of each items through the use of natural products from Sarawak. 

Mumbai's wood and natural texture inspire these pieces of furniture. These wood pieces are solid and heavy, made to be practical and functional for everyday use. I spoke to one of the designers and he said the night drawer is designed especially for ladies. The four drawers are for cosmetics; whereas the two huge empty boxes within both ends of the table can be used to put magazines and books.  

22 June 2019

Pastel Yellow

simple style
I was offline for the past 2 weeks reflecting on my future direction as a woman and soon-to-be working adult. My mid-life crisis had impacted my thoughts, both negatively and positively. After a month of my internship, the 8 hours a day spent in a four-walled room have made me think of a lot about life. I questioned myself a lot whether I like what I was doing but also felt if I'd been ungrateful and discerning. Thankfully, I was putting more effort into pondering on the beatitudes, which had distracted me from my confusing and negative thoughts about life. A reminder to myself during this crisis was to be grateful with what I'd been given knowing that God has a divine plan for my future. The aftermath of my messy thoughts include laziness and demotivation to take outfit photos, hence the lack of fashion content. Though this blog may or may not be going places, but most importantly this platform has helped built my portfolio.