29 March 2019

Family Day Trip to KLB Garden (Agro Farm, Mini Zoo, Nature Land)

This post is long overdue (since last year) but I thought I would share this for those of you who are planning a day trip on your next holiday in Kuching. I have gotten a lot of stares when photographing the plethoras of Mother Nature so without letting my effort into waste, I'm here writing this as a local tourist recommendation. All the information to the garden will be listed at the bottom of this post and I hope you'll anticipate a trip to KLB Garden soon. #visitsarawak2019

My family and I started our journey from Kuching at 9:30 a.m. and arrived at Serian town for breakfast at 11:15a.m.. This journey took us approx. 1 hour 40 minutes. Serian market is one of the best market for local snacks e.g. lekor, char kueh, and kuihs.

21 March 2019

Everyday Spring Casual

This photo of me last November resembles the exact hair cut I had last weekend. Ever since the decision of cutting my hair above my shoulder, I never grown my hair back longer than above my chest. I find it easier maintaining shorter cut, not to mention less shampooing and more breathable than longer cut. In my opinion, a new haircut or hairstyle makes a huge difference in styling, as it brings another angle of an individual's identity. To harmonise the new season with my fresh cut, it's time to bring out some spring colours and prints from the wardrobe. I am here to share a basic spring casual outfit to prove how much I love my new haircut.

15 March 2019

3INA Lip Vinyl & Kajal Eye Liner | Review

3INA is a relatively new cosmetic name I've attested recently. Their branding is characterised as modern, innovative and aesthetically pleasing. I first known 3INA through their Instagram sponsored post on my feed, and immediately fell in love with them since then. 3INA is a cruelty free and vegan cosmetic brand which hails from Europe.  Little did I know that their makeup line is distributed to Malaysia for sale until I stumbled upon their makeup counter at Pavillion (can be seen on my recent KL trip post). I was super excited to try out their lip range, and without doubt, the formulations were unique unlike other lip products I'd tried. With that being said, I'll be reviewing their Lip Vinyl (lip gloss) and Kajal (eye liner). Side note: they come up with the most adorable names for their products!

01 March 2019

Yadah Anti-T Mask Pack | Review

Part I of face mask discovery: YADAH Anti-T Mask Pack. I discovered this brand at Watson while I was browsing through face masks that were on sale and gentle enough for my acne-prone skin. After I read the ingredient lists (so important!) and the affordable price tag, I knew this would come in handy  during those pesky bump periods. I survived my travels with these sheets and they had done a great job in keeping my face hydrated and acne-free. 

16 February 2019

What I Wore On Chinese New Year

As I was posting this short note for my Journalism class, I thought I'll paste it here for everyone to enjoy it equally.

One of the tradition growing up as a Chinese child is celebrating the annual Chinese New Year or the so-called Lunar New Year. A grant of a week off college deemed as a vacation dream is buried by the reality of long car rides and traffic congestion. Nonetheless, it’s great to reflect this societal event as a fragment of life. Unlike past years, I noticed differences in myself as well as interpretations of the meaning of New Year this year. A brief list of items I’ve observed in myself as a young adult are as below: