27 September 2014

PRAISE! Music Camp 2014

15 Sept 2014, 10:45

Flew for 1 hr 45 mins from Kch to Kul. I hate saying goodbye to my family especially when I'll have to travel without them. Somehow i made that decision to go for this camp, all for the glory of the Lord. 

Going on a trip with a team of 9 people is totally a new experience for me as I barely know some of them-even though we are from the same Corps (which I know them by now ;D ) and I never been to a camp organised by TSA (The Salvation Army).

This was a golden opportunity for me, ain't it?

I knew nobody-except for my friends from Kuching when I arrived in KL corps, except for the hyperactive dog which ran to greet me because of my food. I saw a group of people wearing a red and yellow t-shirt and straight away I assume they're the committees of the camp, a group of buddies sitting on a bench which I thought maybe they're from west m'sia or somewhere?; a few adults moving loads to the van. Okay, most of my assumption were wrong. First impression memang tak guarantee betul!

Approx. 1 hr coach to Kin Tick Village, Bentang
Scenic and picturesque village.

The schedule of the 6-days camp was ram-jammed with activities. It includes bible studies, ice-breaking games, choir, electives, discussion, praise&worship and more than 3 meals/day.

Pictures can express the things that words could not express.
Moments along the 6 days ..

Team from KUCHING

Interior of the bedroom

View from the bedroom

Sharing living room 

View from outside the 'Bali house'

The reception as well as the dining area

Early morning view from the top of the hill

Punishment for being late

Worship leading-electives

The 5th day of camp
Performance from the dance elective

via facebook
Group photo 

via facebook
Friends from over Malaysia and Singapore praising Him in spirit!

I really missed the moments I had with all of the people there! I am truly blessed to be in the music camp where everyone treated each other like a family. This was my very first christian camp and I had total FUN, tbh. I am looking forward for the next!

 More importantly, we all have the same desire to praise God with all our soul.

 Bringing home sweet memories from the camp and continue to serve the Lord with Praise!

Weekends' night!


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