14 November 2014


Feast with family. Checked. Wishes from friends and family. Checked. Cards. Checked. Birthday cake. Checked. Make a wish. Checked. Gifts. Checked. Most of you may have likely the same or better birthday blast as I had. As for me, celebrating my birth is not only about food or gifts but more importantly the improvement and achievement I’d reached throughout these 18 years. Like all others, I did experienced success and failure in every stage of my life. It was through the pain and solace that I'd been through molded into who I am today. I’m not to brag about myself but I’m proud to be who I am now. I am more of an introvert person when facing with new people. I barely speak out in class, or to raise questions or to present in front of people. My palms would sweat when I perform. I would act silly and regret after it. I would watch my footsteps when I used the staircase as I was worried that I might missed a step. Most of the time I'm the last person in my family to order a dish. At times I thought why I was not loud and socially-active when other friends had those qualities . Such negative mindset wouldn't bring me far if I didn't learn to be confident. I hope to change in some ways, not that I hate my old self but to grow recognizing myself better, in my opinion. I'm supremely grateful that I have a loving family to support my dreams and cultivate my lifestyles; BFFs to share my tears and joy and I always act crazily when I'm with them and I talk a lot; and my superb dog to share my happiness.  Life is full of challenges but never give up to reach a beautiful life. Cheers to my eighteenth birthday! x

Props by me

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