23 February 2015


February- my brain automatically sums up the month into one word, busy. It's a hectic month of the year for a lot of people including my family. I may not know how's your preparation for the lunar new year but for my family, we would all share the loads of dusting and cleaning the interior and exterior of the house while listening to soft tuned music as well as whisking the flour mixture until it was ready to be baked till golden brown. Especially on the new year eve, we would furbish the house for the final round before the next day-where we still practice the tradition of 'no sweeping' on the first day of new year. It was until around 4pm we gathered round the table with a short prayer and the sumptuous charcoal steamboat(it's a harwork to prepare it!) where you could throw any food inside the pot, wait for a minute or so and walla! A simple yet satisfying meal for us family as we were able to spend time bonding our relationships where we chat about what we'd achieved throughout the day and laugh along with some little jokes. Watching the firecrackers bursting up in the sky whilst recording it using a smartphone and watch movie until midnight was simply perfect to end the eve. The first few days of new year were meant for visitation from one house to another to get connected and update each other's lives. Some people even 'open house' where we took this opportunity to try out variety of wholesome delicacy. Overall, I'm blessed throughout this new year. Though its quite late to greet, but still Happy Goattttyyyy New Year to y'all! 

MANGO top / H&M skirt / Parkson shoes

Photos by Phoe



  1. I love your style! You look gorgeous :) x



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