04 February 2015

Kimonos Weather

Reuniting with my besties for a day was euphoric for me as I had so much stories to share! Since I was invited for a photo shoot with  Sleep&Sew  mini project, what not to spend a casual day out shooting and exploring  new places with them. Choosing for the right spot to shoot around the museum was undeniably fun though  there was a slight drizzle and the fact that I hadn't taken any photos with them (sad). The kimonos were so light and comfortable that I barely want to pull it off. Kimono do can  impress your whole look. I was amazed by the handy work of the kimonos as the finest details were taken care and  the fabric chosen suited perfectly for the tropic weather. So, pick your favourite!

Sleep&Sew kimonos / Parkson high-waisted pants / CONVERSE shoes

All photos by Alicia
Styled by Sharon


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