18 March 2015

March Inspo

'Black is the new black'- this quote definitely reflects my current obsession of the colour black. Black shows the elegancy and simplicity of a person at the same time or even formal and hipster styles. I'd always heard black could magically turns your body into a smaller shape-but it all depends on the material, doesn't it? Whether black should suits the occasion doesn't really matter now as fashion designers had turned it into a fun substance where we could just wear black anytime, anywhere. Above a few winter/spring collection from various companies, a few look from Saint Laurent's collection captured my attention as I'd really fallen in love toward the stunning element poured onto each of the pieces especially the leather jacket and colourful dress. 

A colourful staple of clothing must be exclusively from the Miu Miu. Honestly from my own experience, I had some fear on mixing more than three colours in a look. Hot and bright colours such as neon yellow or pink are my weaknesses, I would never want to get in contact with them if possible, haha. In some cases, baby pink or yellow could bring me hard times in choosing the right matching colour for the whole look but this Miu Miu's collection inspire me to add more cheerful colours into my wardrobe and have fun mixing colours. The blending of bright and dark tones are perfect and suits effortlessly into each pair of their clothing. The leopard and checkered coat are... complete staples. 

Colour blocks, patterns and perspective are important element in the fashion industry. Kolor's collection portrays it all through their winter/spring collection. Did you spot on the use of grey colour in all the three looks? Grey is one of my all-time favourite colour. It never runs out of fashion and easy to style with other colours. The way Kolor styled the grey was amazin' where it creates a sense of creativity through the patterns of the outfit. I enjoyed observing patterns or prints on clothing as they're art and unique in every perspective and Kolor's collection is one of them. Does these three collection gives you an insight on creating your own new look? I did!

all photos via vogue.com


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