09 March 2015

Perks of Travelling

To travel as a student is quite a baffle where you need to juggle with your money and ambitious schedule in school in order to come up with a date and plan. You'll have to save up your pocket money for the accommodation, air ticket and food-of course it will be a bonus if your parents lend a helping hand on your tight budget. The other challenging part is the endurance of persuading your parents to let you fly with your friends. It's never easy for me to persuade my parents on traveling with friends as they need to consider a lot of aspects such as safety and huge responsibilities. I was overjoyed when my parents finally approved my trip! Our first intention to travel across west malaysia was to witness the Redbull Air race which was held in Putrajaya. Since we took a break from hectic study routines, me and my besties decided to spend a few days sight-seeing to places we had never and long since visited before? My time there was well spent; phone and camera overloaded with pictures as I had maximum fun snapping tons of pictures-what usually holidaymakers do hah. To my surprise, the landscape of Putrajaya had developed much more since few years back. The structure of each of the building was aesthetically beautiful with the blend of asian, middle east and western elements. A minimal yet powerful designs which portrays the creativity and abilities of the people. Below are a few of my favourite shot and hope you'll be fascinated by the bits and pieces of the man-made island.

All photos by myself



  1. Amazing pictures! Wish I could travel more! =)



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