23 March 2015

Sarawakian Spirit

When I was a child, I couldn't fully understand my town's distinctive character. I mean, as a kid I thought what was so special of Sarawak than other places? This question has and answer to it when time passes by where I begin to understand and to appreciate and love the norm and notable surrounding of Sarawak. The multi race, multi culture and multi tradition are quite ample to prove the uniqueness of Sarawak. I couldn't emphasise enough that the heritage left by our ancestors are our pride and love for the land. In terms of fashion, I was simply attracted to the various patterns and designs symbolic to all different race especially from the tribe of Iban, the Pua Kumbu. Historically, Pua Kumbu was woven by the women of the Iban on their garments for festive occasions or traditional rituals ceremony. I was glad to find such pattern on a scarf which was super comfy and simply stylish for any occasion. Once you're here, I couldn't promise you wouldn't find any Pua Kumbu prints in Sarawak.

Wearing : Sarawak Pua Kumbu prints scarf / Camel boots

All photos by Phoe


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