29 April 2015

Exhibition Bound

The timber expo was held annually in collaboration with the SME's company to exhibit the various timber products and other products within Malaysia and Sarawak especially. I was there with my family interestingly to find the best 'Rojak' paste ( a type of local paste for fruits and vegetable which you can call it a sort of salad dressing ) in town- hardly find the paste at stores or malls that's why we went all the way for it. At the same time getting the chance to mesmerise the setups of the various timber company's booth with their unique setting of products which I found hard not to take any pictures of 'em and not a shame as most people are snapping all the way in every angle of the booths. The displays were authentic and artful which I found it fascinating and would stay in there for the whole day. Not to forget I tried our local ice-cream and it was equally good to other ice-cream brands.  Only if I remember the name of the shop, I may want to visit there again for the ice-cream. Nevertheless, my craving was satisfied. The pictures below are a glimpse of part of the exhibition. I'm getting a lot of 3Ds and 2Ds vision after awhile. I'll be posting up soon on my outfit details of that day. Stay tune. Cheers as you left 2 days to the weekends. (Y)

woods everywhere, whether you touch it, step on it or see it

They turn the woods into a mini jungle

Who doesn't want to show off their shoes on the grass carpet?

Camouflage bamboos

The arrangement blends well with the wall

Bamboos in the house

The gold ~~

All photos by me


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