06 April 2015

Perspective Photography

All this while I'd been figuring out my potential and niche in blogging. Whether or not should I venture into fashion or photography or beauty or lifestyle blog are a hassle when I first started this blog. 'What's my stand and interest that urge me to sign up for a blog? Am I proud of my own ideas? Do I find building a blog a burden or a contentment? Do I want to share my thoughts to the world?'- these self-thoughts could show how positively I want to express myself on this platform. But at times I thought of giving up due to the lack of self satisfaction toward the content posted and whether readers did enjoyed reading my blog. Though that happens, months passes by and currently I found writing about photography and fashion are worthwhile to express my creativity and growth. I found the spaces of Emperial Hotel uniquely built so I took these few pictures out of the hundreds angle- only if I had more time for more pictures...


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