21 May 2015

Minimally Monochrome

Sometimes a #nofilter picture can be hard to achieve especially when there's not enough amount of light or sunlight. Though that happens at times especially on rainy days, 'filter free' photos showcase an untouched setting. I still love keeping original photos rather than editing it extensively because the  aura are able to flaunt authentically. I realise minimalism effects were much seen these days on things around. You can see the basic b&w colour and simple designs on furniture, buildings, walls, etc and were added a much richer effect in picture form through editing. I had a gratifying moment visiting Sarawak Energy (a green building, which they called) with church choir last December and was fascinated with the interiors. The main construction was made of glass and concrete. It was huge enough to manifest the wonders of those involved in designing and constructing the building. With most of the walls painted in white, I could sensed simplicity and bareness inside the building. I was glad that the pictures were fit for posting up. Enjoy scrolling down the structures of this glorious building~~

Do you know the lightings of the last four pictures were only lighted when we stepped into the room? 


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