09 May 2015

OOTD : Into The Woods

As seen on the title, you know I wouldn't be in a real jungle for a few photos. Whether or not you're hiking for hours in the jungle, all you want is to dress up comfortably. As for me, I prefer to dress laid-backly whenever I go- as Casually as possible. Honestly, I'm quite a lazy person in dressing up and I could take a lot of time trying this and that before I end up wearing an oversized shirt or a basic tee for the day. Girls, you know how I feel. Moreover, I love to buy clothing on sale or from second hand stores. Yes, I mean I wouldn't spend a hundred plus ringgit for a shirt when you can have it on discounts. I usually find interesting stuff from sales and I could get very excited about it. I got the top from a reject shop which I loved a lot. It doesn't matter whether you wear the most expensive or exclusive outfit, as long as you wear your confidence, I'm pretty sure whatever you put on, you will look beautiful. That applies to my interpretation of fashion too. In my opinion, fashion isn't about wearing different kind of clothes everyday, it's about how you can change your look with just that one garment. That's true fashion spirit. Not that I can achieve it wholly every time as at times people comment and throw tons of negative thoughts on my outfit but who cares? Your body, your choice, you decide. I used to be afraid of wearing my own styles to be honest. But as I think back, my style is my authentic way of expressing my thoughts, my art and my life. So, what's yours?

Wearing : F21 shirt, Cotton On circle skirt

All photos by Phoe


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