29 May 2015

Sandals for Summer

Who isn't ready for summer? Sun-tanning at the beach, queueing book lists for the months of summer, inhaling the breeze on the shore, watching the sun sets, enjoying the local seafood for the night, etc. Saying of that, even though I experience summer throughout the year since I live in a tropical country, I still miss the force of the waves oscillating at my feet and a swim in the salty sea. It's been a year or so I hadn't visited the beach and its the season to go again, hopefully. I'm pretty sure everyone prefers to slip on something light and cooling in this sizzling summer weather. At the same time, I found out some simple, chic sandals suitable for this year's summer and which I'm currently obsessed with a lot. They're all on my wish-list and maybe they could be on yours? I chose mostly in black or darker tone since they're easy to coordinate with any clothing, elegant and casual mood are able to achieve at the same time. For an edgy look, wear a long dress or midi skirt or with a pleated culottes. And for a casual style, you could not go wrong with a pair of jeans(whether high-waited or mom's jeans or any jeans or pants you have!) or with a pair of socks or even adding some bohemian accessories on your top to finish with. Style up your sandals and savour this summer. Maybe you can share with me some of your favourite ways to style up your sandals? HAPPY SUMMER FROM ME TO YOU ;)

All photos via etsy & weheartit



  1. Love all of these! Such great basics for the summer

    xx Camille


    1. Glad you love it as well! You have a beautiful blog love them ;)


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