16 June 2015

Heat Proof

Inspirations come to pass and having to quickly jotting it down on a paper before my memory begins to lag succumb to the workloads. Writing own bona fide lifestyle and culture depends on the flow of ideas and encounters. My mind asked me to share bits of my homeland in the aspects of lifestyles so that you can get intimate with my city. Kuching was a laid-back city where everything were in a moderate pace, people work from 8am-5pm and you rarely see a lot of people in the mall on the weekdays. But when you mentioned about food, most local coffee shops and restaurants were crowded mainly early in the morning and during the night- people would even wait for the long queue believe it or not. Since clothing range are quite limited (MNG, H&M, Dorothy Perkins, Parkson, F.O.S, GUESS, Cotton On as some of the top clothing brands that people could find here), online shopping or travelling are our best buddies when it comes to shopping. Local brands were scarce and I only known Button Up as one of my favourite and sometimes mini shops here were a great surprise. Though there were no huge fashion shows here, but still counting days for it to happen here. I love looking at runways collection, watching their videos- they inspire me in my sense of styles and hoping I could go for one someday. I recognise the tribal and ethnic designs of Sarawak were brought into a new level on the runways and also modernising them into trendy attire. Although the pictures were not related to the writings but just to show how I style an oversized shirt. This time, I turn the shirt into a dress outfit combining with vintage accessories since my cooperation with the heat is needed on that day. P/s ignore my messy hair. Will find more gems in my town area soon x 

Wearing: vintage denim blouse, Zalora.com flats, mom's sling bag

All photos by Phoe



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