24 June 2015


I had always been keeping piles of photos I'd shot randomly due to their significance. A simple picture was similar to an untouched art which I could interpret them as something meaningful but unexplainable, and all I could afford is to comprehend the picture in my heart. You must had understand the fact that we took photos as mementos just in case our recalling system lags. I could just sat somewhere, flipping through the photos, smiling, laughing through the shameful and funny moments of the past. And I'm pretty sure you did that as well and indeed this could be one of many ways to relieve stress. In my opinion, one need not have to spend thousand bucks or go for professional lessons to shoot a high quality image unless you're into the profession, all you need is just a piece of mind to create your own interpretation of your shoot work- whether the picture is focused, blurred or edited, they're art. And now while I edit the upcoming outfit post, I would share my little photography corner to sum up these two months. Enjoy :)

A NEED when the weather hits 35°C

Found this piece of information

One of the evenings which caught my attention- looks pretty artful, isn't it?

The reason you went to McDonalds-Minion toys 

View of Sarawak river from the top

Caught this on my way home

All photos by me


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