01 July 2015


Ever since I found photos with #grunge, I was inspired by the play of black basics clothing for a hippie yet edgy look. At first I wouldn't wear so much black typically due to the fact that the temperature here is ever rising and since dark colours are good absorbent of heat. However, determined to bring on the hippie style into my wardrobe, I went on mission to search for an affordable mesh top. It so happened that I went to a thrift shop for work experience and there I found the mesh top. You wouldn't know how happy I am that moment as a student who is able to purchase only at below RM5. And I found a good, old pair of high waisted skirt in my store room which was donated by someone and wasn't in the trend that time. Honestly, the idea of keeping old clothing is worthwhile because one day that trend will return for good! The experience of hunting for reasonable clothing are truly gems to me. The smile that you could always remember and I'm not afraid of wearing black under the sun anymore. I'm playing the hashtag #grunge for now, join me maybe? 

Wearing: thrifted mesh top and skirt, Topshop boots, sister's sunnies

All photos by Phoe



  1. I love this denim skirt! Great look dear!




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