30 July 2015


To see your own growth is one of the richest thing to treasure. The fact that we live culturally different(even amongst people with the same culture practices different lifestyles) and our experiences are raw and genuine which nobody else could own. Rather to regret or be disappointed with our past, we should laugh, cry and reflect upon them. Experiences are beautiful and weary at the same time but it's worth telling all your stories when the time passes. We all walk and fall over and over again at each stage of our lives, that's how we grow. ( I genuinely had too much advice and thoughts to spill, just bare with me for this post guys :*) I saw through my growth in terms of fashion sense. I had no idea what my taste is in clothing when I was 12 as I thought following trends could be fun which my mom had advice me not to, but I insisted and turned out stressing myself to buy those clothes. At one point when I had a Tumblr account, I realised fashion is not about following trends- no harm in following trends but to find your very own, passionate style through the trend and especially lifestyle of your own. I was glad that I found my own style few years back and I'm proud of myself.  Not only through your wearing but within you to love yourself and be proud of being 'you' no matter how many judges in the world may judge you. I was inspired by models like Chloe Moretz, Barbara Palvin, Alexa Chung, Kiko and more including bloggers like Le Happy and Natalie Off Duty who portrayed their personal vogue. With the Internet nowadays, the richness of pictures inspire me to be more of myself. You're beautiful and I hope you find this encouraging. Do share with me your stories , I'd love to hear them!

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