29 August 2015

JUL/AUG Insta Diary

These pictures seemed familiar if you had keep up with me on Instagram but they lacked of information. And I'm here to share tips and bits of my story behind each and every picture below. I think it's important to understand the meaning behind every pictures since they represented an emotional or physical experience rather than judging them by just looking at the picture. Especially when I visited an art/photography exhibition or museum, I loved reading the mini notes on the bottom to understand the history and meaning behind them. You could be amazed by how these people express their feelings or events they'd been through. I admire people who took the courage and time to take great pictures whereby they express their emotion or life challenges through the photos. My photos may not be as vibrant or stunning as compared to professionals, but those photos manifested my mood and activities which I absolutely appreciated them to be part of my life. The beauty of picture is not what it seems on the plain 2D or 3D, coloured or black&white, film or digital image; but a humble story behind it. 

Time to spend with my best friends are something that I treasured a lot x

Got to attend a remembrance of Bach's work and was blessed for the opportunity not for the first time but a few time within these few years

I was so in loved with the lightings sold there and not to take a picture of them would be remorseful

Got to taste this cereal for free and I had not had my lunch yet

Night view of Dun- right opposite Sarawak River

I remembered one day a teacher told my class that once in a while look up to the sky. We should spend some time with nature-they really could make your day anew

This view is just breathtaking ;)

All photos by myself


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