21 August 2015

Nineties Vibe

Well, I finally sorted out my space 80 percent out of 100 (trust me, the remaining 20% of cleaning would never end). The week was frantic and I got absolutely restless since I was officially in charge of cleaning the toilet for a month-no joke and the orientation days were educationally intriguing but exhausting. Lets just put aside my seriousness and recall back our times in the nineties. I was born in that era but I couldn't remember as much things as I could now, only after I flipped through the old films. I really loved the simple lifestyle back then where polaroids and films were the only photo-taking source, choker necklaces were a must-haves and dais dresses were the cutest thing to wear. I couldn't agree more that I got a lot of my outfit inspiration from that decade. To complete my 90's look, I decided to DIY a choker necklace and never ask me to stop doing more. #TGIF guys and have an awesome weekend! *I apologise upon my wild baby hair*

Wearing: Cotton On daisy dress, DIY choker necklace, Cotton On shades
All photos by Phoe


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