17 August 2015

Picture Haul

A confession that I can not deny any further: my thumb has become some sort of sensor on touching 'save' on most of the images I'd found amusing and interesting. Yes, I'm guilty of saving thousands of png on my phone and computer. But they somehow never fails to provide me rich inspiration every day, inspire me to be constantly achieving my goals, interest and enjoying every moment. I did not include any verses or quotes that encourages me a lot spiritually and mentally but maybe in my next inspiration post?? Let me know what you think! I posted a lot this time due to the unique shootings posture and elements in each image and I'll let the pictures speak for themselves :) I constantly have a thing with vintage, boho wear and pairing them with modern piece; currently in love with buttons and badges clipped on denim jacket which you can feel the 90's vibe. Hope these images heals you away from your Monday blues x [Further note, I apologise for an overdue post as I just moved in into my new space.]

All photos via Tumblr & Weheartit



  1. I also save loads of pictures on my phone and pin so many on Pinterest too, I think it's great when you're in need of some inspiration! Love this collection of pictures, the outfit in the second picture is soo nice! x

    Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

    1. Thanks for the comment, Summer. Glad to know that we share the same interest and keep that passion! p.s love your blog a lot ;))

  2. all the girls are so great! I recognize a pic in Russia :)


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