03 September 2015

Denim O'er Denim

Celebrating Independence Day and my dad's birthday within the internet sphere and having parents away for vacation had turned my home as a space of void. This was the first time I spent my time with only my sister and I really missed those noises at home since they personify love and warmth of  family. I was grateful my parents were back and my thoughts of their whereabout just liberated into thin air. Though I released all my stress, the quality time we had together as a family will always stay in my heart. Family is the best gift from God. I wouldn't sit on the couch for hours on holidays as keeping up with you on this blog is part of my life. I specifically in love with 2 different denim apparel blending together which creates beautiful, detailed layers. I had been searching for a cute bandana and I found them at H&M and Daiso. I opted for Daiso ones since they're more affordable and I would definitely wear them more often. *Wink* Don't you think the pictures' effect turned out to be cool? ~

Wearing: Cotton On crop top, vintage high-waisted shorts, Daiso bandana 
All photos by Phoe



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    1. Thanks for the comment! Love your blog as well ;)

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    1. Thanks for commenting, Adriana! You have a lovely blog, loving them ;)

  3. there is not such thing as too much denim :)


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