11 September 2015

/ E D I T O R I A L S /

I am that kind of person whom you may find bizarre which whenever there's free magazine in a clothing store or brochures or maps lying next to a counter, I'll just grab them and go (like honestly, HAHA). I love keeping these piles of smooth, colourful printed paper as I find them entertaining. Magazines are pretty expensive here so I usually get them at charity sales or friends and they're of the older versions unless if you're lucky enough to get the latest. They're not like digital pictures where you can only see but not touch, and you can cut them out to stick on walls to spice up your room or as inspirations. I don't think magazines will ever get outdated despite the technology we have now, as they inspire us in many ways. p.s I could not shoot for this week as the haze had gotten higher now in PSI but hopefully the readings will be lower by next week. Though there's no autumn season here but I'm super excited for all the orange knick-knacks from you all on social media platforms. *oh before I forget, we celebrate moon-cake festival this month so I shall celebrate with you guys all the way from Asia ;**

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"Get inspired and be inspired"-Prisc


  1. sjajan post i dobre fotke!
    ako zelis pogledaj i uclani se na moj blog :)

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment! You have a great blog as well <3

  2. the girls are sooo great! All of them!


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