23 October 2015

Rockin' The Daylight

Since I'm on full-time study mode, which means most of my time is being engaged with more paperwork and discussions, my centre of attention had basically changed from my favourite to-dos to assignments. I had endless 'to-dos' floating in my mind at the moment such as trying out new recipes, attempting new decor diys and paintings that I never thought of doing back before I enrolled into college. Funny to see how I had not actually planned my previous breaks (failed to think of beneficial activity at that point of time) and now I hustle to write them down on a piece of torn paper before I even began to forget. Now being guilty of my own act, I prepared beforehand the materials I needed for my projects before my next term break (Christmas week to be exact HAHA) plus all the thrill and fun-and I started to imagine the sensation of doing what I love...  
OKAY let's jumped back to where we'd started aaannnnddddd these days I loved to wear simple staples as they were easy to put on. Especially if you're in a rush to meet someone important, you could got out from your home in a couple of minutes throwing on a pair of clothing that ensembled delicate and casual look at once. In my case, I paired my simple look with a few vintage pieces-rounded sunglasses, bangles and old tote for a twist of simplicity. Happy reading! x 

Wearing: vintage high-waisted shorts & tote, Cotton On sunnies, Converse

Photos by Phoe



  1. rocking the shorts and shades! :D

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

    1. Thank you so much for the comment, Sybil! Have a lovely weekend ;D


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