17 October 2015


It has been a while since I posted a photo diary and I'm back compiling more memories in these two months. With the high technology of editing, I couldn't gainsay how much the quality and products of photos had evolved but yet I prefer vintage, simple old yet bright effects' photographs. They gave that chill, soothing vibes and addressed more homier feels. Forgive me for such short writings because I'm more interested in telling you guys my way of dining in McD right now *wink*. Without babbling much, I hope you enjoy my mini photography journey! Oh and don't ever switch off the music on my sidebar, enjoy the music while scrolling down my internet space 
p.s. my home internet broke down a few days before and new outfit post coming up so see y'all around again very soon!

Cheers w/ my sissy in one hot afternoon(no wine, just ribena haha)

I do not know you but I freakin' love this Danish cookies :*

A beach taken by my mom and I edited the tones and film effects

A mamak rojak- just the best in town and you're going to put your hands up if you love soggy food just like I do and I love to pour lots and lots of ketchup into my McD burger ;P

Another beach scene ;*

We would have no lives without them ~

 My angel for the past 2 and a half years- the smartest, understanding and with the most emotion pooch I'd owned :)

Typical corner with lots of local newspaper at home 

All photos by me



  1. Gorgeous photos! I love the beach one especially! I'm also a big fan of Danish biscuits haha


    1. Thanks so much for the comment, Sophie. Glad you love them!! *high-five* we share the same favourite yay! ;D


  2. Amazing photos! You look so pretty!!! Have a lovely day :-)


    1. Thank you Anat! Love both you and your blog, gorgeous *wink* heheh ;D


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