06 November 2015


Honestly, all I could tell of at this moment is my assignments, tests, music exam and last but not least, christmas preparation (i know i'm not the only one haha). I felt like I had gone back to the time when I was so intensely studying for the public examination where you just don't have the appetite to indulge. I'm guilty of that but I'm trying hard to balance out between due tasks and eating habits. All the best to those who are sitting for SPM this year-especially to my sis if you're reading this!
And to go through all these ups and downs in school is never easy without the support of your friends. I am really thankful and appreciate each and every single friend that I trust of loving and encouraging me to be part of who I am today. Friends definitely make the difference in your schooling years and I know that this a blessing from God that He never fails to provide me with. 
And who says black is a dull colour? Black is a colour that you can transform or mix-match with other textured outfit to create a new black. You can never be too black in black x

Wearing: Cotton On shirt, Santa Barbara backpack, school's socks

All photos by Phoe



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