09 December 2015

Old-School Classic

I started to clear up clutters inside my home few days ago and added up a few christmas decors to spice up the festive mood. The festive spirit here isn't as grand as in some countries do where you got to see a lot of mistletoe, trees and decors along paths and streets. Basically any wintery plants would wither easily if they were sold here so I guess that's the reason we could only set up artificial christmas trees.  Nevertheless, the most important portion of this season is to have quality time spent with family and friends. As that being said, I'm planning to visit slash hangout with my friends after a long lost face-to-face convo and have a warm night with my family. This month is going to be talking and eating to be honest haha. And I just realised I had not went to the mall to get some shopping. Poor me, the workload over the past week had me relaxing at home rather than moving my legs. To end classically this jubilant year and celebration, why not choose dark/old colour theme clothing staples? Or have you planned your outfit theme? Do let me know in the comment bar! *p.s. I apologise if you found this boring because I had talked mostly and non other than Christmas topics. I'm too into christmassy vibes rn.*
~~peel your eyes off for week 2 advent this Friday~~

Wearing: ISSUE polo tee, Cotton On skirt & necklaces

Photos by Phoe



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