12 December 2015


Now is the season for giving and sharing some love to your friends and family. Shopping bags get loaded easily as lots of items are on sale where you can pick up the most valuable and ultimate choice of gifts without outspending your budget. For Week 2 advent, I'll be sharing a few great gifting ideas below $20. All these items are hand-pick by my lovely BFFs for my birthday (which I super duper love!) and they suggested me to do a post on those items; I thought the gifts suit the Christmas gifting as well so here you go. Have fun shopping and let me know which you love most! ;)

1) Body Shop White Musk Body Wash and Lotion: and/body lotion and a good liquid bath just made a great gift especially those that are scented in this colder months. 

2) Ciaté Nail Polish: Nail polishes offers in a wide range of prices depending on your budget. Try get some nail polishes that are cool or funky in texture/colour for the season!

3)&4) Necklaces: In the picture above are bead necklaces. You can diy them if you love making your own. If you're running out of time, grab a minimal/tribal/boho necklaces that suits your gift-receiver.

5) Accessories- Rings: Jingle jingly jungly. Okay if you know someone who loves to collect rings or earrings, try to get them some cool vintage or modern vibe accessories to add into their collection. Add in any cute bowls, they'll love you, trust me ;*

6) Whittaker's Dark Chocolate Bar: Okay, you can never go wrong with buying chocolate for someone you love. If you want more excitement, choose those little Christmas packaging chocolate.

7) DIY pom pom garlands: Time for some diys. If you have interesting diys to share with your friends, now its the time to throw them a surprise with your hand made goodies! 

*See you on my third advent!*
-> thousands apologies for the late posting due to the breakdown of the internet <-



  1. Great ideas dear!!
    Just getting my last presents online :)

    1. Thanks for the comments!
      Glad to hear that you had chose your gifts! Have a joyous time this coming Christmas ;D
      Btw love your travel posts a lot x


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