01 January 2016


Memories of bittersweet in the past two months are remarkable. I couldn't appreciate enough of the people who survived with me over the past challenges and decisions. When I looked back, all I can retrieved from my memories are the people who fought together with me and the perseverance I'm possessed with by God that helped me through the failures and wrong decisions. Through all the hardships, I gained maturity and joy without giving up my life. At times this may seemed frustrating but believe me, if you're determined to live a better life, you can and you will by not giving up. Not everyone can but you can. Remembering that there will always be spaces for improvements-whether in our mistakes or for further knowledge. Be confident of yourself in this new year and share your experiences to impact the people next to you. In this new year, I posted a few memories from the previous two months as to kick start this brand new year with more excitement. There will be more to come in this blogosphere in 2016 ~~~
Happy New Year 2016 to you and your family! Cheers x

Chinese seafood with family is the best


Short Trip

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All photos by myself



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