12 February 2016

Be My Valentine

Getting up early for visitation and entertaining guests continuously for 3 days is a holiday sacrifice since at some point of time I wanted to just lie in bed and sleep. This year's new year is rather blessed and abundant in terms of red packets, foods(for sure) and new clothing(new year, new things). Let's not praise the materialistic items but the time and excitement getting to bond with family and friends. It is the relationships that counts most-when you lost everything, people who loves you means everything. If you have someone close/important whom you loose contact with, give them a phone call, or take the extra miles to visit them, or meet them somewhere they like, or have an outing day with them. Not only you feel proud of yourselves but you'll see his/her face shining bright with a big smile and thanking you gratefully. This same applies to those who are celebrating their valentines(if you're single-celebrate with friends/family or owned-you know who!) this weekend. Your time spent with them is worth more than a luxurious Prada bag. 
Here, I'm sharing with you a dress that suits best whether during CNY or Valentines Day. Spice up your look with classic black boots and bold, red lipsticks, and you're on the go! Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese New Year x

Wearing: Cotton On midi dress, bag and rings(gift)

Photos by Phoe


  1. Love it dear! Wish you a great weekend and fantastic v day!

    1. Thanks a lot, Grace! You too, have a fun weekend! ;D

  2. Replies
    1. Aww thanks a lot, Kelsey and Kenecha!! ;D

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot, Tina!
      Happy VDay to you as well, have a great day!! ;D

  4. love this!

    xo samira


  5. We absolutely love this dress! This is definitely the summer 16 trend!

    1. Aww thanks a lot!! Hoping to see more of this look this summer ;D


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