11 March 2016

Be Basic

This week had gone well so far but I can hardly type out the adjectives to describe it. Running out of ideas or words to speak was the worst feeling ever especially when your excitement rose but there's no words that can perfectly explained. Maybe I should read more books or get more sleep after the exhaustion of anxiety and stress from my afternoon pecha kucha. I tend to crave for food after going through a rough day, trying to resist the hunger pang but ending up eating more than I should. Excuse me for my weird appetite on stressful days. When you're busy with all your errands, you'll feel you want to just wear whichever clothes and go. Basics are the best basic option when you're running out of time. I styled this look for a simple yet presentable day out. Have a fantastic Friday!

Wearing: Cotton On hat and rings, F21 jeans, CarloRino loafers

Photos by Phoe



  1. You look beautifully, I love it <3


  2. Simply beautiful! so chic and comfy look!



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