25 March 2016

Clean Cut

I had these thoughts for quite a while: what does it mean by doing best and being perfect? Should I be affected by them? I understand not everyone may love to listen to such ramble but lend me your ears if you might. This morning, I played a solemn, beautiful piano piece for the occasion of Good Friday and as a testimony of mine. A few mistakes was nervously made but I continued my playing anyway. Relating to that, whenever plans or doings that I encounter which I made a couple of mistakes, I'll regret them and be repeating "I'll prove to be perfect next round," which I might or might not know if I could. I was doing my best but still couldn't get over with the imperfectness. This isn't a good habit to own but I thought I'll leave you to your impromptu opinions in the comment section. 
Plus, I wore this look to church and I thought I might share this with you. If you're on my blog for quite sometime, even just by browsing through a few old posts, you know how I'm obsessed with jeans/denim. I couldn't get enough of them, honestly. They're the simplest, easiest staple in any wardrobe. I styled 'em babies with a polka crop top and a pair of never-get-bored converse with a peek of my black socks. Hope you enjoy this and have a blessed Good Friday/weekend!


Wearing: H&M crop top, mom's jeans, Converse

Photos by Phoe



  1. Simply beautiful and very comfy look!


  2. Lovely outfit! I love Mom jeans, I have a pair just like yours x


    1. Yay! They're super comfortable ;P
      Thanks for dropping by! ;D


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