29 April 2016

March/April Photo Diary | 2016

I'm back again with another photo diary(even though i'm too late using this saying). The past week had been startling, alarming, discouraging with all the unexpected things falling apart. I couldn't properly speak what they were online, they're the pain of failing a huge effort leading from one to another until I lost my confidence to write a new post. Crawling up from a deep pit is not the most glamorous story to tell but a devotional reading from this morning hit me hard. A positive mind sets your reality positively. I'm bringing the positiveness back defeating all failures- that's why I'm back here. If you're experiencing failures, trust me, keep being positive. Despite that, I was blessed with beautiful momentous moments in the month of March and April- and hopefully cheers you up! Happy Weekend x

I can't have too many tablewares- you know how obsessive these bowls and plates are.

Chocolate's piece of art. They taste so good.

Went to a club's welcoming party and the lightings have to be the main focus of the night besides the food, of course.

Family day out trying some outstanding, out-of-comfort-zone lunch. *curry breath*

Went to Pustaka with my team mate, donating all the books from our campaign. First time there and I didn't get to capture much footage bc my phone's storage exceeded its limit. I must say the state library is a beautiful place to visit once more. 

My sister loves this background a lot and I thought why not I interfere into her shot HAHA.

All photos by me


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