13 May 2016


Nonchalantly sitting in the examination room looking like the know-it-all student although contradicting to actual fact that I'm nervous and praying to get through this session of recalling long memory from memorising. That session had gone very well and now its time to celebrate- oh no, time to read more books. Recently, I had picked up a few interesting books using our student voucher(free money for free books, yay) and I can't wait to read them during the semester break. I had to admit that I had the habit of buying books, arrange them aesthetically on bookshelves and never touch them again. Figuring out that one day I'll read them but realistically no, which by now I had grab a few and put them on my work desk, initiating to read soon. I definitely will but for now, I shall continue to write this post. I know this is lengthy but hope you enjoy reading my thought anyway ;) I love this super comfy and soft shirt- I actually wore this to exam, so you know the degree of softness of this shirt. When I saw 'California' in such cute font, I know I'll have to own it. It brings out the vintage retro vibe into this modern century. A timeless piece with so much possibilities to style with. Have an awesome weekend!

Wearing: Cotton On t-shirt, Diesel jeans, Jeep cardigan, Converse

All photos by Phoe



  1. Loving the relaxed look. Beautiful post, love your writing, girl.

    1. That means a lot, Lenya! Thank you ;D


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